JSCC Evidence Management Forum, 15-16 October 2015 Manila


In the Philippines, heavy reliance is placed on the use of testimonial evidence.  Since testimonial evidence is inherently unreliable, the JSCC felt it was now time to shift away from reliance on testimonial evidence to prove a case and move toward the use of forensic evidence. In order to do this, it was crucial to:

  • Examine basic procedures, policies and guidelines in the handling of evidence.
  • Review and revisit the present state and condition of the handling of evidence
  • Identify issues/problems/gaps in the management of evidence including its retrieval, custody, safekeeping and disposal;
  • Formulate strategies and action plans between and among key agencies as solutions to the issues/problems/gaps; and, 
  • Initiate and secure commitments between and among key agencies toward implementation of the strategies and action plans.

The Evidence Management Forum examined these issues and the JSCC Justice Zone TWG in Quezon City is now working on implementation of the proposals recommend by the participants of the Forum.   The Forum was attended by representatives from the various agencies involved in the handling and management of evidence, such as, (1) Judiciary; (2) Crime Laboratories and Evidence Custodians of the Philippine National Police; Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency; National Bureau of Investigation; (3) Department of Justice and the prosecutorial offices; (4) Office of the Solicitor General; (5) Public Attorney’s Office; and, (6) Evidence Custodians of local Police Stations.